Advanced Lessons

Scratch is easy for adults to learn and following these course notes for just a couple of hours should allow most parents and teachers to be in a good position to teach young children to program. Our original notes assume a familiarity with computers and act as a framework both to teach you how to program in Scratch, and to provide a structure for passing on your knowledge to others.

  • Sequence- Build a simple onekey application to move a sprite around the stage with the arrow keys.
  • Iteration - Use a forever loop for the sprite to keep moving around the stage with some random movements and learn a little more about the Scratch environment.
  • Conditional Statements - Use conditional statements to control program flow in repeat, while, and if statements and create a simple game where a predator eats it's prey.
  • Variables - Use variables to draw squirals and investigate turtle graphics further and create asteroids type continuous movement control.
  • Messages - Sprites are controlled independently of each other and can interact with each other when touching. Broadcasting messages allows communication between sprites and the stage to control several backgrounds within an application.
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