Scratch Projects

Some project tutorials are available:

  • Bat and Ball is of one of the simplest games you can make and involves two sprites moving around the stage.
  • Dog and Crab is another simple game you can make and involves two sprites using broadcast messages to to interact with each other.
  • Draw is a project to make a paint program to let you draw on the screen.
  • Fish! - a more complex game for novice scratch programmers with full notes.

The projects below link directly to the Scratch project file and the browser will try to open Scratch on your computer and load the relevant project. If you did not associate the Scratch application with files with an sb suffix or do not have Scratch installed then you may have problems with these links.

  • Onekey is a simple project for younger children to control the sprite with simple turtle graphics commanfs including forward, back, right and left movements to create simple shapes on the stage.
  • Iteration is an extension to OneKey containing two sprites and contunuous movement.
  • Throw is an aid for young children to begin to understand angles by turning the sprite around to throw an object at a target and see the value of the angle, between zero and 360, displayed on the stage.
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