Please download documents and resources here for use at home, in the classroom, or at your computer club. You might note that, although you can use these documents freely, please remember that the content is the coyright of Redware Research Limited.

Lesson Plan

You can download the previous version of this website (the lesson plan and original videos are the same) to your local system to access the videos without using up your bandwidth from Please register if you are using our lesson plans.


Please download the lesson plans to help you prepare your own lesson plans for school:

  • Scratch Lesson Plan [pdf]. Notes on the 6-8 introductory session lesson plan for learning Scratch.
  • Scratch School Lesson Plan [pdf] [doc]. A lesson plan summary used by teachers in the UK to document their lessons.

Scratch Connector

Please download the Scratch Connector to enable you to network together two copies of Scratch:

  • Scratch Connector [msi]. Windows installation program for the Scratch Connector version 0.11.
  • Scratch Connector Manual 0.11[pdf].
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